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Violin Primer Deluxe Edition


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The Violin Primer Deluxe Edition by Jim Tolles is designed for the absolute beginner. This course will cover the basic fundamentals like parts of the violin, how to hold the bow, proper playing position, reading music notation, and playing in tune. The easy to follow step by step instruction makes this the perfect book for school orchestra programs or group instruction. After learning basic techniques, the student will learn beginner arrangements of many famous songs. Each exercises and song is demonstrated at two different speeds.

Techniques Covered
  • Parts of the Violin and Bow
  • Bow Preparation
  • Tuning
  • Holding the Violin
  • Left Hand and Arm Position
  • Holding the Bow
  • Music Notation
  • Slurs
  • Scales
  • Ties

Song List
  • Alphabet Song
  • Mary Had A Little Lamb 
  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody
  • Sunday Waltz
  • Jenny Pluck Pears
  • When the Saints Go Marching In
  • Red River Valley
  • Sweet on Violin
  • Seagulls & Seals

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